OktoberFist on Kickstarter

The last 8 weeks have been incredibly busy for Team OktoberFist. Between finalizing manufacturers and getting all the pieces of our Kickstarter campaign lined up, we’ve barely had time for a few beers (or product testing as we like to call it) ???? Poul Kofod, our mentor from Funkhauser Films, imparted us years of knowledge and helped us create a winning Kickstarter campaign video which we are proud of. He really went the extra mile to support us through the whole process.

Mik Stroyberg of Lemonsqueeze has offered his network to help us launch our Kickstarter campaign from the US. We hypothesize that we will get more press exposure by launching in the US, and Mik’s network will help promote us to get good media reach. Mik has also been absolutely instrumental in getting our US corporation setup, without which we could not do a US launch. Finally, Jannik Friis has been advising us on key marketing strategies, financial and pricing matters, yielding some very helpful insights to these two engineers.

With the help of three very experienced and generous mentors, and many, many late nights and weekends of hard work, we’re proud to announce that we’ve officially launched our Kickstarter campaign!  Please check out our campaign page at http://kck.st/1JTGRar, and don’t forget to like and share our facebook page. Remember that every share helps us get that much closer to our goal. It’s taken a lot of work to come this far, but we’ve only just begun…


Michael & Lee

OktoberFist on Kickstarter
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