People Don’t Want Your Ads – They Want Your Stories

We all know them: the annoying ads, that seem to interrupt us everywhere we look. As the quantity of ads rises it is becoming increasingly more difficult for marketers to cut through to the consumers. And consumers are losing interest as their feeds are oversaturated with advertisement. However, companies still need to reach out to consumers one way or the other so how do we earn the consumers’ attention in 2019? The answer is storytelling.


Despite the decreasing engagement in most marketing campaigns, we also see brands with more success online than ever before – and what is it that they manage to do right? One example is the British department store, John Lewis & Partners. Each year since 2007 the company has released a new Christmas ad, which focused on a new and creative story every time. Over the years the release of the John Lewis Christmas ad has grown to be a tradition in the whole UK, and for many people it marks the beginning of the Christmas days. The campaign is a cultural phenomenon as they manage to engage with a global audience and have thousands of people wait for the release of this year’s commercial.


A lot of people try to avoid ads – I bet you do as well. Especially ads like pre-rolls or ad breaks which interrupt videos or other content. So, what determines a good foundation for a marketing campaign and how can you replicate it for your own business? Think about some of the videos that have captured your attention online. Most likely it is either something fun, emotional or with a captivating story, that you can identify with. This is exactly how marketers should look at marketing and have in mind when they plan out their content plan.


At VINIA Media this is our mindset when we start to brainstorm over a new campaign concept. We want to make sure that we don’t add to the pool of annoying, interrupting commercials, but instead offer value through engaging stories and entertainment.


People want to be entertained or emotionally moved. This can just as well be through marketing campaigns as it can be through any other video online but have in mind: People don’t want your ads – they want your stories.

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People Don’t Want Your Ads – They Want Your Stories
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