Prop.Exchange, powered by TrueMarketValue, is a digital auction platform/exchange for trading commercial real estate properties; it’s where supply meets demand.

The purpose of this digital tool is to efficiently trade properties at the true market value – in a time efficient manner.

The challenge we are solving:

  • Property valuations are uncertain
  • Running costs are a burden
  • Selling is time consuming and frustrating


Our solution is; 3 easy steps:

  1. Preparations – Due Diligence material/essential documents and the SPA are added to our data room
  2. Marketing of the property in newspapers and virtual
  3. Digital auction – Divestment by Dutch Auction on

Our Dutch Auction is characterized by a descending price, starting at index 100 and adjusting every weekday at noon until a bidder accepts the price offered or until seller decides to rather keep the property.

Once a bidder accepts a price offered, bidder has 2 business days to sign the Purchase Offer/SPA and pay a deposit. If bidder fails to perform he becomes disqualified from this and future auctions – and the auction will resume for everybody else.

Interested bidders can access relevant data, drawings and the applicable contracts after log-on and qualification for the auction.


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