PurCity; Purifying the Air in Cities.

PurCity offers innovative multi-functional panels (GapS) that smartly designed to provide several valuable benefits for its customers such as:

–       Purifying the air using highly efficient Nano-technology based materials, through natural ventilation. The pollution removal focus of PurCity is the PM level (NOx – SOx – VOC…) which basically referred to ultrafine particles that doesn’t smell and can’t be seen but are the most TOXIC gases produced by transportation.

–       Based on the different scenarios, they are adding extra Thermal and Acoustic insulation

–       Rain harvesting technology

GapS is a maintenance free product and will be cleaned through the rain. It is a 100 % recyclable and environmentally friendly product with a competitive price compare to normal composite panels.

GapS main applications include Highway noise barrier, building facades, bus stops, etc.


We are crazy enough to claim and believe that we can help change the world to a better place.

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