Strong bonding of dissimilar materials like plastics and metals are notoriously hard to achieve with conventional adhesives. At RadiSurf, we’re re-thinking adhesion – we help companies solve seemingly impossible adhesion problems, giving them the freedom to design and create whatever products and innovation they desire, with less limits to material selection.

By strongly securing materials with strong direct chemical bonds, that withstands even extreme conditions, our patented nanotechnology-based adhesion solution is something never done before. Bonds are water- and air-tight as materials are secured with nanometer-thin (basically invisible) adhesion layers that are chemically clean and safe. Unlike conventional adhesives and primers, the RadiSurf adhesion solutions pose no environmental harm. Therefore, we believe we are the adhesion solution of the future.

RadiSurf’s adhesion technology is optimized for industrial-scale use and can be easily incorporated into production processes. From performance electronics, medico, nutrition to offshore and design industries, the highly skilled RadiSurf team, led by CEO Mikkel Kongsfelt, who holds a PhD in Nanoscience, is able to customize the perfect adhesion solution for our client’s specialized needs.



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