Ready to Scale a Surface Chemistry Company

Every start-up has an inspiring story, this is the short version of ours…

Imagine the ability to assemble a piece of plastic and metal with a seamless beautiful interface, without using any toxic chemical adhesives, screws or bolts. This is what RadiSurf does – we make glueless assembly of materials like metal and plastic through a nanometer-thin adhesion coating on metal or glass surfaces.

RadiSurf started off as a research project at Aarhus University, attempting to tackle the fundamental problem of getting dissimilar materials to stick together. The solution? An advanced surface treatment of metal surfaces, allowing it to bond strongly to plastic materials in production processes.


There is a huge market and industrial need for joining chemically dissimilar materials, such as polymer plastics to metals or glass, but commercial adhesives currently available often fail at extreme conditions of high temperature and pressure. This is where RadiSurf’s adhesion innovation comes in – to help businesses solve this huge and costly challenge.

To further explore RadiSurf’s commercial potential, CEO Mikkel Kongsfelt received an entrepreneurial pilot grant from the Danish Innovation Fund in 2015. After a year of hard work, we succeeded in landing Borean Innovation A/S as RadiSurf’s seed investor in 2016.

However, developing and scaling a new chemical surface technology from the bottom up is a technological challenge, that requires massive funding. Having since bagged six innovation grants, RadiSurf has grown from 1 employee in 2015 to 6 highly educated employees in 2018 and filed our second patent application – a strong technical foundation for scaling up our adhesion methodology.

In 2018, RadiSurf is focusing on coupling our strong technical developments with scaling up our business – this is why we applied to be part of Go Grow and the Digital Growth Path!

We believe we are the industrial adhesive solution of the future. Watch us grow! Follow us:


Ready to Scale a Surface Chemistry Company
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