Rasmus Bentsen

I have a Cand.Merc. in International Business Studies. I joined the SAP Graduate Programme called SAP Sales Academy, a 9 month programme that took place in California, Barcelona and Copenhagen.

Currently I am an Account Executive with SAP, focusing on the Financial Sector.

In short, I help businesses transform into live digital enterprises and leverage the latest in business technology.

I’m a generalist so I specialize in understanding the key challenges and needs of a specific industry and how to address these through digitalization.

Personally, I toyed around with a couple of start-ups of my own while studying at CBS but decided that my time was better spent postponing the entrepreneurship to later In life.

I spent little over a year in an internship with Royal Dutch Shell in London before finishing my thesis and was recruited by SAP shortly after graduating.

Rasmus Bentsen
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