Scientific Management In The 21st Century

Henry Ford is attributed the creation of the car industry, igniting the industrial revolution and making cars something the average joe could afford, not a privilege for the wealthy. The approach Ford used was surprisingly simple. He went out and visited various car manufacturing plants, broke down the assembly of a car in simple steps and timed these steps with nothing but a stopwatch. With his analysis he was able to calculate how much time it cost to assemble a car, spot the possibility for massive efficiency improvements, and thereby bring down the price for car manufacturing dramatically.


Ford famously said “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”. Splitting projects into tasks and then tracking these is what time tracking is all about. The inspiration came from Frederick Taylor commonly attributed for Taylorism or Scientific Management, and its the same basic approach Wiredelta has taken in our four offices in Copenhagen, Paris, Mysore and Coimbatore.




We discussed in Time Tracking Made Meaningful that once time data is collected, employees can be scored against each other when comparing output and efforts. A company can then analyse the data for time and scores, and use this analysis to predict how much time is needed for a team to complete future tasks that are similar. Not to mention the possibility to spot inefficiencies, so it can be avoided going forward.


With up-front estimates the end client is much better equipped when it comes to planning and preparing budgets. However, it’s no secret that the point of time when you are the dumbest is before the project starts. This is why we at Wiredelta are working hard to build project dashboards that clients can access to follow ongoing progress. The dashboard work as a continuous feedback loop to the client, making sure that the team is not falling behind, and if they do, it is a shared responsibility to make sure tasks are prioritized to complete project within deadline.


The end goal with the dashboard is for the client to get as close to the team as possible, without having to disturb the team unnecessarily. The only way to bridge the two is to be completely transparent through a dashboard what has been done, and what is still pending. Once that has been setup, one can imagine a dashboard where an estimator is embedded so clients can continue building on top and estimate new features with the current team working.


The implications of this will be vast, allowing anyone to tab into a pool of high-skilled designers and developers, work with this team from anywhere in the world, and still maintain control as well as overview of progress made on the applications being built.


So lets start transforming volatile ideas into rock-solid products!


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Scientific Management In The 21st Century
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