Security in every transfer

Even the most secure connections can be compromised, and also the most well-protected networks can be penetrated, resulting in information leaks and significant financial losses.


The fail-safe solution is to physically separate high-security networks from low-security networks. While this is the most secure solution, it also severely hampers productivity because you need to update software, drivers, antivirus, map data, and other data on the high-security network. This process is usually accomplished using USB sticks or other portable devices. It comes along with all of the inherent security risks such as malicious software, data loss, as well as possible information leaks.


However, with the Arbit Data Diode, you can allow one-way data transfer without compromising the integrity of the air-gapped network. It is done by using a single fibre-optic connection which can only send light in one direction. The data diode transports data from less-secure networks such as the open Internet, to secure networks. While data can pass one way, it can never be transmitted in the opposite direction. This means that no hacker can use the connection to remotely access or steal data from your critical network. It also includes Multi-Engine Virus scanning as well as Data Sanitization that sanitises and rebuilds each file, ensuring full usability with safe content.


The Arbit Data Diode is a physical device that establishes a physically secure one-way connection with a single fibre-optic cable. The transmission is handled by two dedicated servers. The sending server is called a ‘Pitcher’, and the receiving server is called a ‘Catcher’.



‘The Pitcher’ and ‘The Catcher’ as seen when fully functional and ready to use.


It is essential to mention that the Arbit Data Diode has received the Common Criteria EAL 5+ certification and is listed in the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue.


On the other hand, there is the Arbit TRUST Gateway.  It allows you to securely release approved data from highly secure or air-gapped networks. At the same time, it replaces cumbersome and risky manual data transfer using a USB stick or similar devices and improves efficiency. This is called Cross-Domain Solution.


The Arbit TRUST Gateway is built upon the robust Arbit Data Diode technology and consists of two Arbit Data Diodes that are connected in serial. This creates an isolated ‘VOID’ network which is only accessible from the high-security network through a data diode and protects the ‘VOID’ network against all attacks from the low-security network.



Arbit TRUST Gateway with its ‘VOID’ network, separates the high from the low-security network for safe data transfer.



The main clients for the solutions and products that Arbit provides include law enforcement agencies, defence departments, intelligence agencies, and infrastructure companies.


Deployment of Arbit’s solutions to the abovementioned types of clients is quite obvious considering the benefits they offer. Nevertheless, do not take it from me. Listen to someone who uses Arbit’s solutions and products daily and does not mind sharing their experience and opinions – namely Kongsberg, a customer based in Norway,


‘KONGSBERG DEFENCE & AEROSPACE has implemented the Cross-Domain Solutions developed by Arbit, which has improved our network security without impairing work process efficiency. Both the Arbit Data Diode and the Arbit TRUST Gateway meet all of KONGSBERG’s strict requirements for speed, security, stability and manageability.’

 Jan Helge Strøm, CIO, KONGSBERG


Ultimately, authorities and companies in all sectors can expect to be continually exposed to cyber threats and the need to protect sensitive data is rising. Arbit, as the only company in its field in Denmark, is providing highly functional solutions to this problem. They are used not only locally but also abroad, where the customer base is growing day by day.


Therefore, as the demand for the type of solutions and products offered by Arbit grows, only the time can tell us how far and wide Arbit can bring its solutions to serve in the name of data security around the globe.



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Security in every transfer
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