Shoes in the making – a glimpse into roccamore’s shoe production

Roccamore’s quality high heels are produced in Elche in Spain, which is known for making the best shoes. It’s important to choose the production carefully, as it will affect the final result of the shoes, and not at least the customers wearing them. The shoes undergo a several different processes during the production, and one pair of shoes passes through 10 pair of hands before they are ready to be sent off. So let’s take a closer look on how roccamore’s high heels are made.

First stage in the production is to create the sole. The orthopedic soles are an essential part of all the roccamore shoes so the high heels are comfortable to walk in. As illustrated in the picture it’s designed in a 3D program and a prototype in hard plastic is produced. After tests and corrections by Frederikke the necessary adjustments are made and the right firmness of the sole is then to be decided.

Kopi af materiale i forskellige hårdheder

The next stage in process is to make a Last, which is the foundation of all shoe construction, a plastic form shaped like the foot that is the equivalent of the tailors’ dummy. The Last is adjusted until it has the shape for a particular design is perfect. Due to roccamore’s special orthopedic insoles the Last has to be made after the insoles as the Last need to be fitted to the shape of the insole. By doing this it’s possible to get the insole match perfectly into shoe when it’s finished.

Stage three of the production is about making the pattern. This stage also demands several steps to create the desired pattern. After drawing a sketch on the Last the pattern is cut out of cardboard and then the exact pattern is developed. Finally, the pattern is tested by sewing it in pig leather.

Kopi af udskæring af mønster

Now it’s time to produce the actual shoe! The pattern for the shoe is cut out of Italian calf skin, which has been picked out to match the particular design of the shoe, and the shoes is now ready to be sewn. Then the heel is fixed on the shoe with a long nail, and the shoe is placed at the Last to dry for minimum one day, and preferably two-three days – the longer it stays, the better the fit of the shoe will get. The sole and insole is glued in, and the shoe is now ready for the last touch –it just needs to be cleaned and polish before the new roccamore high heels are ready to be packed in a box and shipped off!

Shoes in the making – a glimpse into roccamore’s shoe production
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