Solving a global problem, with existing technology and financially viable model

All inventions through history were formed because of a need, and the need for businesses of today is to go green. We have used up the resources from the earth to fuel our industries and homes for hundreds of years and got ourselves in a situation, where we soon will have nothing left. We have been using up resources and depleting the environment with each passing year as our civilization made progress, and we have dug ourselves deeper into an environmental mess. Scientists and entrepreneurs have to come up with, and think of green solutions.


In our case, few hippy people from different countries came together to kick-start a transformational social and environmental concept in a financially sustainable way to tackle one of the biggest problems on humanity – the problem of open cooking firing smoke produced by using traditional fuels such fuelwood, charcoal, cow dung, etc. for cooking. Presently, 40% of the world’s population in Asia, Africa and Latin America cooks food over an open fire. The smoke from this form of cooking is extremely harmful. The latest figures from the World Health Organization show that it kills 8 people per minute (4.3 million annually) globally. Our focus area, Bhutan is one of the highest firewood per capita consumer in the world mainly due to the residential energy requirements in rural areas. Bhutan also has 100% dependency on India for limited import (700 tons per month) of fossil fuel based Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for cooking.


Dazin practices a forward-thinking, green, inclusive business model by collecting free sustainably sourced forestry and agricultural waste from rural Collection Points operated by local women. In exchange for the forestry waste collected and delivered, the households receive free fuel cookies and a smokeless stove on lease. Thanks to the efficiency of our Fuel + Stove system, we produce fuel cookies in excess from the rural households compared to wood waste collected. The surplus fuel is sold in cities to cover the operational costs. The healthy gross profit margin from fuel sales allows it to scale, as its reinvested in the project. Our proposition is affordable through our cross-subsidized revenue model for all. Dazin strives for long – term sustainability.


With our approach, we will virtually eliminate exposure to deadly Household Air Pollution, a leading cause of sickness that kills ~ 1.3 million people in South Asia per year. We are reducing 84% of fuelwood use compared to open fire whilst also reducing deforestation, soil erosion, black carbon emissions and green house gases. Each stove reduces 4 tons of carbon emissions on average every year!


Dazin has won several awards and competitions, which helped to co-finance the pilot project work:

1) Ben & Jerry Join Our Core 2013

2) Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Innovation Against Poverty 2013

3) Ministry of Business / Væksthus, Denmark 2013/14

4) Develop Prize 2013

5) Entrepreneurship in Denmark 2012


Dazin addresses the complexities of open fire cooking with a comprehensive sustainable solution that tackles the root of the problem. Huzzah! Not only that, their replicable model significantly promotes environmental conservation with a financially sustainable model to provide affordable cooking energy solution for all. I feel very lucky to have connected with Deepak.

                         ~ Jerry Greenfield, co-founder Ben & Jerry’s


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Deepak Ashwani

Solving a global problem, with existing technology and financially viable model
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