Sustainable coffee

We take pride in creating a close relationship between Nicaraguan farmers and our customers here in Denmark. We are Rasmus and Andreas, and we are behind ØNSK.
Our mission is really simple. We are working towards making more of the money in the coffee industry go directly into the farmers’ own pockets. At the same time, we want to bring better coffee experiences into the everyday lives.

The fascination and knowledge of Nicaragua come from Rasmus Ditlev, one of two entrepreneurs behind ØNSK. Rasmus has lived for some time with some family in Tipitapa, a small town one hour north of Nicaragua’s capital, Managua, which produces cocoa and honey. It was through them we got in touch with some small coffee producers, who we ended up being very captivated of.

In addition to the fascination of the farmers’ passion for good coffee and craft in the cultivation process, the climate and the volcanic highlands are also ideally suited for producing a great coffee bean. That’s why ØNSK buys all its coffee from Nicaragua.

But Nicaragua is more than amazing coffee. It is also a country that is struggling with economic problems as a result of civil wars and political instability. Nearly a quarter of the country’s 6 million inhabitants live in extreme poverty ie. for less than $ 2 a day. Therefore, it is a fully integrated part of ØNSK to ensure that when we buy coffee from our producers, we contribute to sustainable development – economic as well as social.

That’s why we are actively working to support the UN’s global goals, which set the course to 2030 and encompass the many social and environmental challenges facing the planet.

UN development goal #1 – No poverty

  • ØNSK deals directly with coffee producers, making sure that most of the money ends in the coffee farmers’ own pockets and not the middlemen, as there are typically three to four of in the supply chain.
  • In addition, we have chosen to collaborate with the small coffee cooperative Corcasan, which has many of the same values as us. They strive after occupying half of the administrative positions with women. Women live more often in poverty than men because of unequal access to paid employment, education, and property. Focus on getting women in jobs, therefore, helps to promote equality and reduce poverty.


UN development goal # 8 – Decent work and economic growth


  • ØNSK invests in projects that will help improve working conditions for coffee farmers in Nicaragua. Through the cooperation with the cooperative Corcasan, a share of the money we pay for the coffee will be allocated to develop the production. They go to eg. to employ agronomists to train and educate farmers in optimizing their production. Other investment projects could be drying plants or machinery to remove the fruit from the beans, plants to compost and develop organic fertilizers. Our intention is to contribute to long-term sustainable projects that help and develop the coffee farms.


  • Our philosophy is to give the farmers a fishing rod rather than a fish.


  • Developing the coffee grounds creates the prerequisite for higher quality, greater yields, and thereby giving farmers a higher price for the coffee while producing more and more efficiently. This long-term investment helps farmers with a better and safer everyday life, where food, rent and school money to their children is not a concern.

UN development goal #12- Sustainable consumption and production

  • We set high demands on our producers’ coffee cultivation because economic growth and sustainable development require that we look after nature when we produce. Therefore, our producers must, among other things, reuse the water in production so that the water used to wash the coffee beans can be used several times. For example, the water must also be cleaned before it is ejected again.

  • At the same time as we make production demands, we also invest in machines that will optimize the processes. Better and more modern technology helps to reduce energy losses and the amount of waste.

UN development goal #12 – Life on Land

  • Plant life supplies 80 percent of our diet, and we depend on agriculture as an important economic resource and as a means of development. Therefore it is extremely important to take care of farmland. Therefore, we support the conservation of biodiversity by the coffee farmers, so we look after the local ecosystems.
    • For example, we support our coffee producers to create biodiversity in the coffee plant by, for example, maintaining large trees with birdlife and planting, for example, banana or guava trees that can act as shadow trees for the coffee trees. At the same time, it also ensures the farmers a secondary source of income.
  • Also, we strive after for as much of our coffee possible is organic.

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Sustainable coffee
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