“Socks aren’t scalable? I beg to differ”.

Written by Alexander Wulsch & Adam Kuskner   In 2008, two friends from Sweden started a company based on a simple idea: Let’s make colourful socks. Today, that company is valued at over 1 billion Danish kroner. The company was

StepUp Air: the breathing sports wearable

Breathing in sports is very important. If you’re a beginner you may wonder why we are discussing breathing, since everybody knows that breathing is a natural process. Everybody breathes in and breathes out, it’s an involuntary function. To achieve higher

Going for growth on your own terms

Written by Frederik Kehler   My co-founders and I were recently accepted to the ‘Go Grow‘ programme at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. Without a doubt this is a huge opportunity for 21RISK, as it creates an extended network, offers mentors and lastly

miheroo – solving old problems with new technology

What do you get when you put a billion-people-and-growing market, documented unmet needs, behaviour change, technology development, a great idea, AND a strong team together?   At miheroo we have created the optimal alignment of all forces necessary to offer

Drivi – our startup journey.

  About us   Drivi is bringing the driving school industry into the 21st century, by digitizing the entire process of taking a drivers license. The product has been under development for the past three years, and are now very

Eastbound: What is happening in China?

Introduction Written by Patrick Mayne   After graduating from my bachelor at Copenhagen Business School and being an active member at CSE (I participated in the 2015 GO Grow batch and have been hovering around ever since) I decided to