Tea- An ancient drink back in fashion

The history of tea is long and fascinating, reflecting the history of the world through thousands of years, spreading across multiple cultures. Tea is currently the second most consumed beverage in the World, overtaken only by water. Still surprisingly to many people, all varieties of teas such as white, green, oolong, black and puerh are produced from the same evergreen plant, botanically identified as “Camellia sinensis.”


It took me more than an hour to pluck the green leaves from tea bushes which was only enough to make a 100g of white tea.

During the past years many countries worldwide recorded growth of domestic tea consumption. Furthermore, global demand for tea is forecasted to expand 5.8% between 2015 and 2019.

One of the most significant reasons of this expansion is the overwhelming development of a new industry- healthy food.  Its growth accelerates as more knowledge being revealed about the contribution of food and beverage to health. Health-conscious people increasingly choose tea over other drinks filled with sugar and artificial flavorings. Scientific studies in the last two decades address the benefits of drinking tea, including preventing cardiovascular diseases by raising the antioxidants levels, improving bone density and controlling blood pressure, etc.

Investors around the world sense the tipping point in the tea sector and together with tea companies are working hard to develop new products and build tea infrastructure with unprecedented investment.

With the promising industry outlook, Tealure is abandoning the trend of energy drink consumption and embracing tea, the ancient drink back in fashion, helping you to take a break from a hectic lifestyle and relax.

Anti-Energy drink for everyone!

Ernestas Klevas

Founder of Tealure

Tea- An ancient drink back in fashion
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