The Art of Actually Using Your Gift Card

As this is our very first blog, we thought we’d start out by giving you a little background information on the concept and idea behind GiftCardGo.

Most people have been given a gift card at one point or another in their lives. We usually receive them on birthdays, during the holidays, and occasionally also when we’re lucky enough to win some kind of competition. After the excitement of receiving the card, we almost always wind up putting it away in the darkest and dustiest part of our wallet. Consequently, we end up totally forgetting the existence of these cards. It turns out that we’re not alone in doing this, because research actually shows that approximately 2.5 billion Danish kroners worth of gift cards are wasted yearly just in Denmark. Well, at GiftCardGo we have created the perfect solution for this. We have built an app that enables people to store their gift cards on their phones, while also having the option to buy and sell gift cards to and from other users. That way you can easily get rid of the useless gift card, your aunt got you for your birthday last year and turn it into cash or finally remember to make use the gift card your in-laws got you last Christmas.

The founder of the app Theodor Bendix Gosden, originally got the idea after reading an article about the large amount of unused of gift cards. Theodor took his idea to investors and to VentureCup, where GiftCardGo ended up winning a start-up booster package. The increasing investor interest consequently also meant, that the company was able to take on Niklas Stokkebro Gundlev and Rasmus von Syberg as the two new faces to help with the programming and developing.

The app launched December 21th 2016, and there is still a lot of good work to be done, but we at GiftCardGo have very high hopes and expectations. This coming year, we hope to expand our venture to our Nordic neighbors in Sweden, while hopefully also reaching 30,000 users here in Denmark.


For more info visit or download the app from App Store.

The Art of Actually Using Your Gift Card
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