The bumpy ride of ToGoTryk

The idea of ToGoTryk came from a project that they started called, Reklamekopper, the concept of Reklamekopper was to switch unbranded paper cups at school institutions canteens with branded paper cups from companies wanting to attract the students and therefore give free paper cups to the canteen.

We started by cold calling all big companies in Denmark and wanting to make a cooperation with them, but since the product was new the companies were more withstanding than expected. Therefore we have been sourcing the European market for the best manufacturers. Within the first 6 months, we found that the customers to be hard to get in contact with and a lot of cold calls for a meeting.

With no partnerships who wanted to pay for the branded paper cups, at the school institutions. We decided to test the market of just selling branded paper cups at low minimum order quantity and a fast delivery time. We quickly found that we had very competitive prices and us helping with the design was a great possibility for our customers. This was the start of what today is Known as ToGoTryk.

At ToGoTryk we are specialists in branded to go packaging as paper cups, ice cream cups, paper bags etc. It is important for ToGoTryk that branded to go packaging is available for all companies and therefore we have a minimum order quantity of 1.000 pcs and fast delivery time for all of our products. Before launching we are sourcing Europe for the best manufacturers this ensures great prices, fast delivery time and high product quality.

At the start of ToGoTryk, we were cold calling all Cafes and coffee shops in Denmark. When we were not able to cold call we were developing a website for selling and soon we discovered that a lot of people were searching for to go packing on google and we started focusing our energy on online marketing and developing our website since the leads we got from our website were more likely to buy.

What now? Why are we a part of Go Grow?

The vision of ToGoTryk is to make a platform where it is easy to buy branded to go packing and the platform should be available in all countries of Europe in the respective language.
For us to reach the vision we need help to scale to other countries, we are apart of the Go Grow to learn from other companies how they have penetrated a new market. We also needed a mentor who could track our sales record and keep pushing us.

The team

The team of ToGoTryk consists of Steffen and Mads. They met in the National Federation of Business School Students in Denmark(LH) where Steffen was the president of the organization and Mads a member of the executive committee working with the economy. They quickly found working together seemed natural and since then, they have been working with each other.

The bumpy ride of ToGoTryk
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