The Importance of Talent

The  Genius Loci, in classical Roman religion, was the protective spirit of a place. In the contemporary world the meaning of this concept has changed to signify a location’s distinctive atmosphere, rather than necessarily a guardian spirit. MIUTE was born by exploring further the core of this concept.


The Genius Loci of MIUTE itself is the  esparto,  a scarce raw material and it’s long lasting tradition of braiding. The tradition has it roots at Castilla-La Mancha in Spain, where one of the co-founders was born and raised. The esparto has shaped the lives of the people that live in this region and continues to give the place a distinctive atmosphere.


Having the opportunity to be involved in a Trend seminar initiated by Future Concept Lab, in Milan, we had the chance to comprehend better the value of the talent that emerges from a specific place. After that we decided that MIUTE would like to help the local talent, continue the esparto tradition and evolve it into a new form.


Today, MIUTE is focusing on creating value for the esparto community by offering a chance to present their work to the world in a new form, giving it the opportunity to grow outside the region of Castilla- La Mancha. We aim to create a brand that will share the tradition of  the esparto to places where the concept is something completely new.


To give the esparto a new image we have decided to use it in a new context, fashion, and create a product that fuses craftsmanship with contemporary Scandinavian design. We believe in innovation and human synergies. We have created our own universe made out of diverse people with their own uniqueness, values and talents.


We try to make MIUTE a place for talent and we try to be in places where the talent is shared, and Go Grow is one of these places. Go Grow is a local program that gathers talent. The uniqueness of the program is based on the innovative mindset that runs through the Danish culture and the great support that the Danish Government provides to entrepreneurs. We are happy to be carrying the work of talented people and at the same time being part of a place that gathers and helps talent grow.


For us talent is the place and we believe that there are talents in every place. So find your Genius Loci and get started today.


We hope that you found our approach interesting. If you wish to read more about it, we would recommend you this book: The Hummingbird Strategy. Written by Francesco Morace the book presents the result of the Genius Loci work, offering a new approach towards the theme of Globalization.

Elena Moratalla,

The Importance of Talent
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