The Startups are Back from Germany

“An exciting intro to Berlin as a start-up hub. [We’ve gained] good takeaways in terms of legal, accounting and investment advice (…) The beers were good too.” (Oliver Sørensen, CEO & Co-founder of  Drivi)


Once again the Go Grow team has completed a successful Market Visit in Germany, and the startups had something to say about it!

With great support from The Danish Industry Foundation,  the teams visiting Berlin got to connect with local entrepreneurs and gain advantageous insight to the largest market in Europe.


During the five day trip, the six Go Grow and Digital Growth Path startups had a lot on their schedules. Among many others, the startups experienced varying sessions from overviews of Berlin as a city to do Business in, to visiting the Centre of Entrepreneurship helping startups in Germany.


Sara Roy, CEO of the startup Miheroo, described the session at the University as “a great example of cooperation between ideas [from] students, the people who can make them come true (researchers etc.), business and the government”. The startups also gained One- on-one inputs from KPMG on issues such as distribution and licensing, as well valuable observations from Ernst&Young’s “pitch doctor”.

They were able to learn about the fierce competition between the different cities and regions in Germany and revealed how inspiring it was to watch how Germans pitch.  


The  trip also consisted of enjoying a BBQ, networking and mingling events at which the startups got to share a beer or two. Individual opportunities were also available by the last two days of the trip and apart from understanding the market better, some of the companies even came back with potential customers.


“we gained good insights through the Go Grow events, but also by being able to organise our own meetings and meeting actual potential customers” ( Oliver Sørensen, CEO & co-founder of Drivi).

The groups went on saying goodbye to Germany after a final Startup night with 5000 participant, and brought home core values to be used when expanding into a new market.


Are you curious about more details on the trip? Make sure to catch up on the updates from the Market visit in the blog posts.


Greetings from Germany

Go Grow Startups crossing borders once again


The Startups are Back from Germany
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