The value of transparency in production processes

The word production describes the process through which concepts are transformed to a final product. Today there is an increased desire to know about the products we use, where they come from, who made them, and how far they traveled to get to us. More and more fashion and apparel brands are starting to embrace transparency and traceability across the supply chain in order to offer their consumer the choice of buying products whose provenance can be easily traced.


Sustainability – transparency – traceability. A great example is Nike’s Making app, an open-source tool for designers to become better informed about the environmental impact of the materials they use by scoring them based on properties such as chemical processes, energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas output. MAKING shows that sustainability is not a limit, but an inspiring new way to look at product creation.


At MIUTE we work with local craftspeople and combine traditional knowledge with contemporary thinking to create unique products with their own traceable origins. We recognize the importance of providing our consumers with images and information about our Made in Spain products. All our products are created from handpicked esparto from Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, in our own esparto workshop run by passionate artisans who pay attention to detail. To make sure that we create a sustainable product all the way we source high quality leather from one of the best Italian leather manufacturers in Tuscany, who is specialized in vegetable-tanning – one of the most traditional and material-friendly tanning methods which preserves the unique characteristics of the leather.


To make our commitment to our customers even bigger we are working on a video that will show the full production process behind the creation of each of our belts. We hope to share with you soon! Visit our page to see more about how the MIUTE products are being made.


And if you are interested to get in the discussion and hear more about sustainability and transparency within the fashion industry then make sure to attend the next Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Copenhagen is hosting the world’s largest global event on sustainable fashion, organized by the Danish Fashion Institute.


Christina Bizoumi, MIUTE Co-founder

The value of transparency in production processes
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