Thought about having a thesis student in your company (start-up)?

Since the very initial phases of our start-up venture, Match My Thesis, we have always had the issue of communicating our value proposition. Being an innovative service offering, without any statistics and results to show or cases to document, compiling a credible argument required extraordinary sales pitching skills to name the least. However as per today, having one successful match after another, we may proudly say that we eventually overcame this obstacle.


The following will be a digest of three reasons or three lines of thought why companies or even you should consider having a thesis student in your company or start-up. We also see this article as a two-way communication where we would gladly hear your feedback about possible improvements to both our service and our sales pitch.


Investment that saves time and cost

We know that time is the most valuable asset for you. But well spent time can be gold-worthy; especially if it can help your company take business to the next level.

If time is the concern we can assure that working with students in certain projects will not require more than 4-10 hours monthly. This is sufficient in providing access to relevant information, settling meetings to check up the progress and making sure the project is being developed to fulfil your demands.

Imagine the alternatives. How much time and money would be spent when outsourcing the research to a consultancy agency? We believe that after doing the math, the idea of having a thesis student to do the research for you would definitely sound as an attractive solution, that would end up saving both the economic resources as well as your time.

Just remember that in order to get the most out of the match, it is important to align expectations from the very first day and set up clear goals you are looking to achieve with this collaboration.

A project that fits your business needs

Think about your business needs. And think for a moment about the new areas to which your business could evolve. Let us talk about digital marketing, for example. It could be that your company is manufacturing a product that does not really require online presence, however you are eager to brand it through digital media. A thesis student, however, could be that key that would apply the up-to-date knowledge gained in the university classrooms to solve real life problems, providing valuable insights, which can help your business grow while at the same time allow him or herself to become a future practitioner with workplace experience.

Providing new insights and input to the areas of your expertise or on the contrary, solving issues that are of your domain of knowledge could both be ideal problems that a thesis student can research for you and for his thesis paper.

Innovative approach and specific market knowledge

The collaboration with a student writing his thesis at your company can supply you with different insights that can boost innovative processes and help you find a better solution to improving your business area, while also contribute to you winning the innovation race against your competitors.

Jumping on a different thought of growing your business or expanding it into a new and “unknown” market – your company could for example benefit from the student’s specific language skills in order to overcome the communication barrier when entering a market you are not familiar with. Understanding different cultures and market segments is a hard work if you are on your own. A student with specific language proficiency can help you reduce the distance, while in addition filling up the cultural gap that separates your local market and the target market you are willing to reach.

After all, the idea of having a student writing the thesis at company does provide several benefits. It is evident that this collaboration will generate shared value for both sides, but especially for you as a department manager who aspires to expand his business to unknown areas!


Multinational and SME companies are applying this approach and have already started their collaboration with Bachelor or Master Thesis students through our platform. If you have a specific project you need research done on or a case to be solved or need some counselling – feel free to contact us! We can guarantee that there is a perfect match for you within our database that is willing to start collaborating right away!


Kristijonas Zibutis,

Thought about having a thesis student in your company (start-up)?
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