Time for everyone, everywhere. And time to pull the 9-5 plug.

This is the first official blog post conducted by LARSEN & ERIKSEN in the history of the worldwide web. We’re happy to enlighten whoever reads this on our so-far-journey towards creating time for everyone, everywhere.

Once upon a time – two years back, to be exact – the idea of LARSEN & ERIKSEN was born. “How?”, you may ask. Well, say that you take equal parts of the following ingredients:

(1) Two best friends since 3rd grade, (2) two 9-5 day jobs that were “perfectly career oriented, very well-paid and extremely pretty-f***ing-average”, (3) a nerdy passion for watches, (4) many years of never being able to afford to buy watches, (5) many years of having traversed the globe and seen the diverse destinies of its inhabitants, (6) a good old Danish winter depression, and add to that (7) a strong lust to create something from scratch and to shape ones own life.

There you have it. That’s the foundation of LARSEN & ERIKSEN.

Meanwhile, in the two years that have past, we have – like every other startup (and every other company) – been through endless amounts of ups-and-downs. And thus, we have been through a pretty solid testing of our strength of will as well as our ability to turn challenges into solutions.

What we find fun about all of these startup challenges is that – at least for us and our limited amount/areas of knowledge – is that two working days are very rarely the same. And just as we find ourselves starting to feel confident with one area of doing/building our business, we bang our heads against a sky-high wall – and we have to work our way around it by (1) learning (sometimes very) new things, (2) igniting our creativity, and (3) igniting our diversity (Jeppe is born and raised in logistics – I have a degree in psychology).

What is so fantastically beautiful about all of these ups-and-downs, all of these sky-high walls and all of these forced new learnings is that the feeling we have when we (every once in a while) leave the office has never been more stimulating, more meaningful and more rewarding. And this feeling is exactly what we felt, when we at the end of 2016, launched our business following three weeks of working an average of 17-18 hours a day. When we went to bed at 4:30 the morning before our launch, we simply couldn’t wait to get out of bed, work 17-18 hours again, and start making our way towards the next sky-high wall.
And although we use the term “work” and we combine it with “17-18 hours a day” it simply doesn’t feel that way – it feels like being in control of ones own everyday and ones own life.

This is why we have chosen to quit our jobs and become entrepreneurs, this is why we are extremely happy to be part of a new ambitious Go Grow batch, and this is exactly why we encourage everyone reading this to seriously evaluate if they are happy with their current job and their life around it. In our opinion, life is too short to be perfectly career oriented, very well-paid and extremely pretty-f***ing-average. Please go do something about it – and please go be happy.

Oh, and by the way, we make some really cool watches with a global social impact that we think you should go buy (they are very affordable and the value you get for your money is the best in the market).

Explore more about our journey and our watches at www.larseneriksen.com

Thanks for reading!

Time for everyone, everywhere. And time to pull the 9-5 plug.
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