Time To Revolutionize The Transportation And Mobility Industry

Do you have a great, innovative or disrupting idea that could unravel the future challenges of mobility and urbanisation?

You now have the chance to be a part of defining new and innovative solutions in the mobility and transportation industry, present your idea before a top professional jury and perhaps make way for new and constructive partnerships.

Why join?

  • If you dream about taking your innovative idea to the next level, we can provide the perfect platform, to do exactly that. The first step is a direct invitation with airfare and accommodation included to selected teams entering the challenge to come to Creative Business Cup in November.
  • The Kolding Mobility Challenge will offer the winner a free all-inclusive stay in the inspiring and entrepreneurial environment of Kolding, Denmark for three people during 2017, which includes a monthly support of DKK 4,000 per person, accommodation and workspace.

We are inviting all startups from the creative industries to join the competition and be a part of shaping the future by changing the mobility industry.

For the Kolding Mobility Challenge in Denmark we are curious about how to nudge people’s behaviour: how they act; how they interact; and how they transport themselves the smartest way in the future. To set the stage and induce some ideas in your minds, we have the following Kolding Mobility Challenge themes:

  • Accessibility to transportation
  • Parking
  • Promotion of bicycles
  • Public transportation
  • Safety and security of transportation
  • Promoting health through transportation

What is The Kolding Mobility Challenge? 

The Kolding Mobility Challenge is a collaboration between Creative Business Cup and Business Kolding. It’s a competition of creative ideas and well-thought-out plans for implementation on the future of mobility, transport and accessibility.

Since challenges are often fruitful to nurture out-of-the-box-thinking and as the future will always be different from what we can imagine, we are looking for answers outside our own organization. The Kolding Mobility Challenges is for all startups, including startups not otherwise competing in Creative Business Cup.

We welcome every idea and possible solution, and we look forward to hearing your proposal!

For more about The Kolding Mobility Challenge, go to www.creativebusinesscup.com/koldingchallenge. Here you will find everything from criteria to practical information on how to participate. Deadline is September 30th

Visit www.kolding.dk to learn more about the municipality and their future plans for mobility and accessibility

You can also stop by www.creativebusinesscup.com to learn more – or say hi at CBS Entrepreneurial Day, where you can meet part of the Creative Business Cup team.

Time To Revolutionize The Transportation And Mobility Industry
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