As Vinia, we do creative visual content marketing. We make engaging videos, live streaming and photography. A lot of companies focus on hard selling from the first touch point with the customer, which will often lead to price being the only selling point. We see selling as building a relationship between the company and the customer, which is why we focus on developing the personality of our clients through engaging content.

We can see that many companies struggle when they try to engage with their audience online (customers, potential customers, employees etc.). Video is a very powerful tool to do exactly this, if done well. We have many competitors but most of them focus on the sale from day 1, where we want to focus on the relationship first. This result in a much longer lasting marketing effect (source).

From what we hear from our clients, we also know that we engage ourselves more in the client, than what they have seen from other
agencies. We want to make ads entertaining to watch. We want you to want to tag your friends in an ad – not because you can win something, but because you think your friends deserve to see it.

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