VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing. It is our long-term goal that our method will become one of the leading treatments for chronic wounds.


A chronic wound is defined as a wound that does not heal within three months. These wounds cause patients severe emotional and physical stress and are a significant financial burden on patients and the healthcare system.


The market of chronic wound healing in the US alone, is estimated to be 25B USD per year, with an average annual growth rate of 3%. Annually, 6.5 million new cases are recorded in the US, with the rest of the western world following a similar trend of cases per capita.


The currently available treatments have remained largely unchanged over the past 50 years and the most recent innovations in this field have not had any significant market impact, due to low patient impact. In essence this treatment consists of cleaning, removal of dead tissue, treatment of infection and establishing a moist wound.


With ease of operation, low production costs and potential high efficacy, our method has the potential to become the leading, most widely distributed treatment method for chronic wound healing.  


Founder: Janus Beierholm, MSc Biochemistry.


VulCur MedTech
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