We’re Kicking off!

We’re Kicking off!


Go Grow and DGP have officially kicked off with two bootcamps taking place on the 13th and 14th of November.


Starting off with a promising introduction session to onboard the 14 new startups  , Go Grow’s Head of Acceleration, Dorthea and project manager of DGP, Claus, covered all insights ranging from why companies enter Go Grow and DGP and what is expected of them to opportunities and activities the programmes will offer them. Starting off on the right foot, the pressure was on for the startups who were asked to give a 20 second pitch in front of their peers in the very beginning of the event.


The introduction was followed by talks, presentations and crash course on Business Acceleration, Branding, and the startups’ business models. The entrepreneurs learned about issues regarding their business model and possible challenges faced by startups as well as personal issues of being an entrepreneur and what this profession and life style entails.

All in all, Work Hard, Play Hard is a motto not forgotten by Go Grow and DGP, so the first bootcamp day came to an end after a lot of mingling and Pizza.


Bootcamp day number two started early with some Coffee and went on to a productive a day when the startups got to discuss their Growth goals, meet the Go Grow team and hear all about Mentorship and how to make the best use out of mentors, with inputs from not only CSE team members and specialists, but also from their own colleagues who had previous experiences with mentors and shared them all. And to finish it all off, the groups met for some beers and snack.


Go Grow is very excited to welcome all the new startups and which a very fruitful for journey for each of them.

Curious about the new startups joining the programs? Look here at their profiles.

We’re Kicking off!
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