Where is Go Grow going?

Go Grow is going abroad again for our next Foreign Market Visit. This time, two of our startups have decided to embark on an exciting opportunity to dive deep into a new market and get some valuable local insights.


Two of our Digital Growth Path companies RadiSurf, a nanotech company offering super-adhesive coating for manufacturing) and  DPO Advisor, providing a SaaS Solution for “auto-generating all your GDPR documentation in 2 hours” are now packing their bags to take over the UK!


The program this time consists of two parts, so the startups will be visiting both London and Leeds, where they will get in contact with market agencies, legal experts, trade organizations, agent-finding association and potential partners and customers.


The week starting on Sunday, the 3rd of march  promises valuable opportunities for the startups to create new cross-national relations and with the support from The Danish Industry Foundation we’re very excited to give the companies a trip that will broaden the startups views and broaden their opportunities for connecting cross-border


Curious about the trip’s details and the plans the startups have coming their way? Stay tuned for more insights on the trip. We’ll be updating you on all fun details about our UK market visit!



Where is Go Grow going?
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