Why IT startups should consider a retreat without wifi

Imagine 5 guys locked in a vacation house far away from civilization for 48 hours straight.

Do retreats like that strengthen a startup?

Well.. We recently went on a retreat in a vacation cottage in Vig (see on a map) and stuff went down. As an IT startup it makes things complicated when the house does not offer wifi. Especially when the 3G connectivity is terrible and all we can rely on is Edge!

But as Mik Strøyberg would have said: “When God gives you lemons, make lemonjuice.. squeeeeze those lemons!”.

So we ran with it.

Our programmers where coding locally so they managed to do work either way and we actually averted distractions, procrastination and managed to do great work – even without wifi.

Something funny happens when TV and internet are taken out of the picture.

People put down their iphone and talk to each other. I know it might seem strange to have a retreat without internet when you are an IT startup, but I believe it changed the weekend for the better.

Of course we talk a lot about strategy, mission, vision and values. But we also got to know each other better personally. Relationships might not increase our work efficacy but to me it means a great deal to know the people I work with. We also believe the mutual respect that evolves from friendships like these will help us stay together and work better as a team in the future.

There are a lot of people who are against retreats, because they don’t believe that they increase functionality on a team and, let’s just pretend for that it doesn’t for a minute.

Would I still go? Absolutely.


I think I speak for most of the people in this accelerator program when I say that our lives can be a bit stressful at times (might be an understatement). So if a weekend like that can make the entrepreneurial journey more fun, engaging and create friendships within our work environment, then I am all for that – even if it doesn’t increase work efficiency. Aren’t you?

Thanks for reading along
Christian Møller from Fitdo.com

Why IT startups should consider a retreat without wifi
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