Why Work from a Celebrity Hotel?

We work from a hotel apartment every day. Its a beautiful and light place to work from and it feels great to enter the door every morning. But why work from such a place – whats the value of spending the money on such a special kind of office?

What is STAY? 

Retap is a small company of 8-10 people, so we don’t need a lot-lot of space. We can therefore be found in a hotel apartment at STAY.

From Rådhuspladsen, you cross Langebro, turn right and go down Islands Brygge for 1 kilometer. Overseeing the canal of Sydhavnen lies STAY Hotel, which is a dark and edgy building with a flat terrace on the roof. We sit on the 5th floor and try to grow the business of Retap world wide.

The building itself was originally known as A-huset. It was built way back in 1960 as an industry hotel with apartments for companies to rent. That wasn’t a success and A-huset underwent a big refurbishment from 2007 to 2010. 195 apartments are now offered on a day-to-day basis or as longer rents.

These longer rents are now popular among celebrities like Christopher, Medina, Remee, Nicklas Bendtner, Frederik Fetterlein, Casper Christensen and more. Presumable because of the central but still a bit remote address combined with the fact that the apartments are furnished and continuously maintained and cleaned, which suites people who travel a lot.

How did we get in?

A friend of Retap bought this apartment 2 years ago, when some of the hotel apartments where up for sale at the time. Today, it’s not possible to purchase the STAY apartments, but those who did buy an apartment back then gets to keep them, of course.

We at Retap now rent the apartment and share the rent and office space with another company.

Why do we work from STAY?

It is not cheap to rent an apartment like this, so why do we do it? It actually means a lot for us to work from a place like this. I’ll give my view on why this is the case.

First of all, a nice office brings overall joy to all of us. When we have to get up in the morning and go to work, it helps that we are going to a nice place. It feels great to enter the building and the apartment, and that means an overall motivation for interns, employees and partners.

Secondly, the apartment is in a style that corresponds very well with the design and feel of our Retap bottles. Light rooms, simplistic design and a very open atmosphere contributes to the overall understanding of what Retap is about. It enforces the culture around Retap and appears as a physical representation of what the Retap brands stands for.

Thirdly, the clientele out here provides a great networking opportunity for the company. Many deals have already been the direct or indirect result of working from STAY. Our bottles are used in the reception and in the restaurant, so Retap is presented to all customers visiting STAY – and they come from all over the World.

Furthermore, celebrity endorsement is something that many brands works with including Retap, and we get the chance to talk to many trendsetters on the roof-top terrace over a glass of wine, or down in the gym over some super heavy dumbbells.


Consider the importance of your physical workspace. The surroundings should contribute to better work being done by highly motivated employees. Don’t always go for the cheapest option – many great environments are available, and also for much less than we pay at STAY.

Look towards shared workspaces that support your business in overall feel and gives you the opportunity to network with the people there.

Working from STAY has been a contributing factor to the success of Retap, and we will gladly welcome you, if you choose to come by STAY to say hello.

Why Work from a Celebrity Hotel?
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