In 2010, Thibaut Delarbre and Mark Dencker set out to create a product company called Designing Opportunities aiming to connect designers, manufacturers and clients on a single web-based platform. In spite of positive feedbacks from early users, the project was short-lived when the two entrepreneurs didn’t have the budget to finance the application development. A rather common problem in the startup world! They decided to solve that pain and created Wiredelta in 2012.

The core business is to provide inexpensive development services to internet entrepreneurs. Quality is our middle name and we’re determined to fix the issues carried by traditional outsourcing while matching the level of service offered by other Western web-agencies. Our two steps plan is:

  • Thorough screening and training in modern web
    technologies through in-house institutes
  • Frictionless communication with clients using
    an innovative management system

In essence, we simply enable fellow entrepreneurs to tap into a trained and cost-effective workforce to transform their ideas into rock-solid products!

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