Wolt & Its Story

As every great company, the story of Wolt started out as a tiny, but great idea. In 2012 Miki Kuusi, one of the founders and CEO, was in San Francisco and needed a ride home. Instead of hailing a cab, a friend of his suggested him to order an Uber. Then, while sitting in the car, Miki understood how you can affect the surrounding world through your phone. This simple but ground-breaking idea transformed into a successful company of Wolt.


Wolt was found in 2014 by six young entrepreneurs with one aim in common: to make people’s’ lives easier. It started by the idea that eating is going mobile, and it is going to be huge. The idea behind Wolt came from an actual need – we all eat 2-5 times every day, and there can be a solution for getting great, delicious and healthy food a couple clicks away.

When these six guys with six different talents combined, Wolt saw the daylight in Helsinki, Finland. It is hard to avoid cliches when talking how fast everything else followed. Since the beginning, the company grew amazingly by 15 % per week, soon making its way to everyone’s pocket. Today the app has been downloaded over 230 000 times. Wolt has won significant amount of awards globally, such as an Apple design award and Wired’s awards. Wolt’s investors include the top names of tech including Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen and Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa, and has raised over 13 million Euros in investments.

These days Wolt has expanded from Finnish cities to Stockholm ( Sweden) and Tallinn (Estonia), and there are no signs of slowing down – this only the start of the success story of this startup!

Wolt & Its Story
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